Vodafone's new rural programme
Monday, Mar 20, 2017
  • Maiden Bradley Memorial Hall near Warminster, Wiltshire, receives reliable Vodafone 3G mobile coverage for the first time
  • Latest community hub to go live in Vodafone’s Community Indoor Sure Signal programme

Maiden Bradley Memorial Hall is the latest community hub to receive indoor mobile voice and data coverage under Vodafone’s Community Indoor Sure Signal (CISS) programme. Vodafone’s innovative mini-mast has been placed inside the hall, bringing much needed mobile communications to community groups and visitors.

Reliable indoor coverage can be difficult to achieve in certain buildings, including old properties with thick walls, or those located in extreme rural and remote areas.  The Community Indoor Sure Signal programme is focused on bringing Vodafone indoor coverage to community hubs, such as pubs, village halls and local centres across the country.

The femtocell technology used in Community Indoor Sure Signal is similar to that deployed by Vodafone in its successful Rural Open Sure Signal (ROSS) programme, which brought reliable mobile coverage to 84 rural not-spots across the country, including four across Wiltshire.  The units – about the size of a standard domestic router – provide 3G mobile coverage in a building when connected to an existing fixed broadband line.

Jorge Fernandes, Vodafone UK Chief Technology Officer, said: “We want all our customers to enjoy the benefits of mobile connectivity wherever they are.  We remain committed to bringing coverage to rural communities like Maiden Bradley.”

Andrew Murrison, MP for South West Wiltshire added: “I’m very pleased that Vodafone’s rural programme will bring 3G coverage to Maiden Bradley Memorial Hall where it will be of great benefit to local residents,”

Mel Thomas, Chairman of the Maiden Bradley Memorial Hall added: “With the help of the Vodafone Community Indoor Sure Signal, the people of Maiden Bradley who use Vodafone can now use their mobile phones within the vicinity of the Memorial Hall.”

For more information, please visit: https://vodafone.co.uk

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