Akamai, Bitnami and SAP from the Open Telekom Cloud
Monday, Mar 13, 2017
The Open Telekom Cloud has moved to the next phase. Exactly one year after its launch, Deutsche Telekom is expanding its public cloud by publishing the latest release: SAP users can now run their applications on the Open Telekom Cloud; for faster web services Akamai is now available; and in the second quarter the Bitnami software library with some 150 Apps will be available.


Bitnami is a software library containing around 150 apps including content management, eLearning, business intelligence and development tools. Users can use the launchpad to search the Open Telekom Cloud to find and launch their preferred apps. Bitnami configures the virtual machines in the background and users can start using their program within minutes. They only have to pay for the computing and storage capacity they actually use.


SAP users now have two options on the Open Telekom Cloud. They can upload their SAP applications and use them on the cloud platform, i.e., for training sessions, or they can book a service managed by T-Systems experts. Customers can also test SAP HANA as well as the latest S/4HANA software, even on short notice. All applications on the high-performance public cloud infrastructure are available as complete appliances including defined services.


Customers who i.e. run web shops on the Open Telekom Cloud can now use Akamai content delivery services which accelerate and optimize websites and cloud applications on desktops and mobile devices leveraging over 230,000 servers, which are spread in more than 130 countries in over 1,600 networks. As a result, Internet users connect to websites and applications through the most optimal server for them, which improves web-performance to meet their expectations for consistent and secure user experiences. This is especially crucial for cloud applications, which companies are using increasingly.

Big Data

The new big data suite is targeted toward users that want to run big data analytics using MapReduce/Hadoop. The suite runs as software as a service. That means all users have to do is implement their analysis model, upload their data and then get the results. No software installation required.


The Open Telekom Cloud, which is based on OpenStack architecture, now also supports PostgreSQL, a frequently used open-source database. It expands the database portfolio, which users can access as needed via the Open Telekom Cloud.

Deutsche Telekom has also run an OpenStack upgrade on the Mitaka version, improving stability and making the system more scalable.

Click here for more information on the features available in the Open Telekom Cloud.

OpenStack day at CeBIT

The Open Telekom Cloud uses OpenStack for an open, flexible cloud infrastructure. Deutsche Telekom and its business customer arm, T-Systems, collaborate closely with the OpenStack Foundation to further advance the provider-independent architecture. Deutsche Telekom experts will be on-site at CeBIT at a booth in the Open Source Park (hall 3, booth D36/530) and will be personally presenting a number of new developments during the OpenStack day on March 21 (Open Source Forum in hall 3, booth D3). The following talks are currently scheduled:

Alexander Stellwag: "Specific Performance Considerations for Public Clouds"

Kurt Garloff: "Why (Public) Clouds Should Be Your Standard Deployment Model"

Zsolt Nagy: "Analyzing a Twitter Timeline with Big Data as a Service in the Open Telekom Cloud"

Sebastian Wenner: "Upgrading OpenStack Juno to Mitaka in a Large Public Cloud - or How to Change All Four Tires at Once Going 250 Kilometers an Hour"

Christian Kortwich: "Using the OpenStack RefStack Testsuite on the Open Telekom Cloud to Validate Functions and Compatible APIs"

"Digitization. Simply. Make it happen" - experience our products and services live at CeBIT from March 20 - 24 at the Deutsche Telekom stand in hall 4, stand C38. Deutsche Telekom's entire presence at the trade fair is carbon-neutral: All CO2 emissions generated in setting up and operating the stand are offset fully by carbon-reduction projects abroad.  

Digitization thinkers and leaders discuss their hands-on experiences in top-class talk formats. Information about the program and participants can be found at telekom.com/cebit.

For more information, please visit: http://www.telekom.com

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