Marubeni to commence new “Secure Mobile Connect Service” on its public cloud service
Friday, May 19, 2017
Marubeni Corporation and its fully-owned subsidiary, Marubeni Wireless Communications Inc. (“MWC”), will commence a new service (“Secure Mobile Connect Service”) from May 19, 2017. This service will be provided on Marubeni’s public cloud service “Cloudest”.

This service will realize a more secure and stable cloud connection by utilizing the wireless communication technology of MWC to connect to Cloudest via a closed network. This service is suitable for M2M and IoT system infrastructure, for which demand is recently increasing, and for companies which prioritize security to use as a network for mobile workers, as it enables clients to securely transfer data, including highly sensitive information. Marubeni will offer this service from JPY685 per month for each wireless circuit.

This new service will mainly target the manufacturing, service, and information and communication industries, which have high IoT demand. Marubeni will strive to expand services to meet various customer needs and accelerate its initiatives for the further growth of cloud business by utilizing Cloudest.

Service Overview of Cloudest

  • A public cloud service which collaborates the high-quality network and current solutions of the Marubeni Group and high-performance cloud infrastructure construction and operation technology
  • Monthly operating rate of over 99.99% is guaranteed
  • Complete redundancy configuration (System Configuration Component※7 with no Single Point of Failure, non-disruptive maintenance)
  • Adding/deleting servers and changes to server type can be done instantly through the control panel.
  • High scalability that allows operation of various solutions (business applications, operation monitoring tools, etc.)


※1 Public cloud
A cloud computing service which provide services to multiple clients using the same shared infrastructure. On the contrary, Private Cloud provides cloud services for a specific client, with dedicated physical resources.

※2 M2M (Machine to Machine)
Any technology that enables automated wired or wireless communication between mechanical or electronic devices to collect, control and manage various information.

※3 IoT (Internet of Things)
A computing concept that describes the idea of physical objects being connected to the internet and realizing new services and business models or the elemental technologies that makes it possible.

※4 Price for each wireless circuit, when using 200 lines. Includes communication fee of 10MB/month, initial fee will be charged separately.

※5 MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator)
A service provider that provides various wireless communication services by utilizing a wireless network infrastructure owned by a telecommunication carriers such as NTT Docomo.

※6 MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler)
A company that owns and provides network infrastructure and related services such as terminal authentication, administration, billing services etc. to MVNO.

※7 System Configuration Component
Software and Hardware that configure a system, that is necessary for developing a Cloud service.

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